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Orthodontics and Braces

Today it is important to have not only healthy teeth, but also a charming smile. According to experts, an open white-toothed smile is possessed by charismatic and self-confident people who have achieved success both in personal life and in career. Orthodontics deals with the problems of ideal tooth placement – modern technologies allow to align the dentition and correct the bite at any age.

According to statistics in the world, about 90% of people in childhood and adulthood need the help of an orthodontist. Improper occlusion is not only a cause of psychological discomfort, but can also cause gum and tooth disease.

Solving orthodontic problems is often the key to guaranteed success for further prosthetics and dental implants in patients, and in some cases even avoids these procedures. In addition, sometimes orthodontic treatment avoids surgery to treat dental anomalies. Correcting a tooth bite is the first step to a beautiful smile.

What Are Braces

One of the methods of correcting the bite is a brace system, which allows to achieve a charming smile without additional effort. Usually the set consists of 20 pieces, of which 10 are glued to the upper teeth, and the other half – to the lower. Braces are a difficult to configure and jewelry product that attaches to the tooth with a special glue and helps the teeth move in the right direction.

In the place of stretching of the connective tissue fibers, a new bone is formed, which supports the proper construction of the dentition and helps to correct the bite of the teeth. This useful biological property is preserved throughout life and with proper dental care will be a guarantee of your charming smile!

Types Of Braces

  1. Metal braces are made of medical stainless steel, they are relatively cheap and have their advantages – they have a weaker friction force between the braces and the force arc, which promotes faster movement of the teeth.
  2. Ceramic braces are less noticeable, although they have steel mounts.
  3. Self-ligating braces allow you to apply more physiological weak forces and increase the intervals between visits, and sometimes do without tooth extraction.

It should be noted that a prerequisite for treatment with braces – systems is strict compliance with the rules of use and careful oral hygiene. In case of violation of the doctor’s recommendations, there may be a significant increase in the time of correction of the bite, so the patient should be interested in their implementation. Feel free to use braces “according to the instructions” and soon you will get a charming smile.