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Sound familiar -the absence of one tooth in the mouth, isnt it?

Many people do not pay attention to this – you’d think it’s a trifle, and it chews so normally.

For a long time, the only solution to this problem was prosthetics, replacement of the defect with a bridge prosthesis, while two adjacent teeth were grined, and support crowns were placed on them. And this moment stopped many patients of dental clinics – to grind two neighbors through one tooth? – IT’S PITY.

Fortunately, dentistry does not stand still. Next to the two teeth adjacent to the remote, small cavities are made, in which special threads are laid. They serve as fittings for the future tooth.

The installed tooth is augmented with photopolymer material. The whole procedure is done in one visit. It does not require grinding teeth on all sides, as in crowns, and nerve removal, as in ceramics. The treatment performed is comparable to a small filling, as in the treatment of superficial caries.

Restoration of one missing tooth without the usual “bridges” with the help of adhesive construction became possible with the advent of fiberglass tapes such as “Glasspan,” Ribbond “. In the hands of the dentist, they become very strong, able to withstand heavy loads.

Tapes are successfully used not only to restore a missing tooth, but also to splint movable teeth in periodontitis, allowing you to keep your teeth as long as possible.

As with other methods of restoration – traditional prosthetics or implants – the adhesive structure has its own indications and contraindications.