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In recent years, dental implants procedure has developed greatly. This is due to the fact that in practice its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven in case of severe damage (leading to removal) or lack of teeth. In a number of cases, the use of a method such as dental implants procedure (the use of implants) guarantees a more advantageous option for the patient in terms of prosthetics. Thanks to the dental implants procedure, it has become possible to solve many previously unsolvable dental issues.

The Indications For Tooth Extraction

Dental implants procedure is used to completely restore the missing tooth, and to eliminate numerous defects in the dentition. If there is a complete absence of teeth, the implant makes it possible to make additional support, which will greatly increase the functionality of the removable dentures. Dental implants procedure not only eliminates the “flaws” in the dentition, but also has a serious psychological significance. The fact is that implants procedure is not only a way to restore, for example, the full masticatory functions of the dentition, but also an opportunity to feel more attractive! The main advantage of implants procedure is the ability to avoid grinding of neighboring teeth (often healthy!). Not to mention that implants procedureis a much greater level of comfort than the “good old” dentures. This statement is primarily true for chewing teeth.

Not without reason we have emphasized this direction. There is a number of factors to succeed in dental implants procedure . This is, firstly, the material and technical base of polyclinics: all our equipment fully meets world standards. Secondly, the clinics have a favorable environment for implants procedure, it is provided and supported by every employee of our organization: from the chief dentist to the junior staff. Third, we use only certified implants and proven implants procedure techniques.

The implants procedure, technically, consists of seven stages:

  1. The patient receives our consultation, the purpose of which is to find out the indications and contraindications to implants procedure (dental, somatic and social restrictions are taken into account).
  2. An in-depth diagnosis is performed. The process of future implants procedure is planned in detail. Computed tomography and stereolithographic models are taken as a basis.
  3. The treatment plan is discussed with the patient (in parallel, counseling, full informing of the patient). An implants procedure agreement is concluded.
  4. Immediately before implants procedure, preparatory work is carried out, which involves highly qualified dentists, as well as orthodontists, periodontists.
  5. Finally, the surgical stage of implants procedure begins, at which the level of intervention is clearly delineated: without bone augmentation, with its augmentation, with the reconstruction of alveolar ridges, jaw bones. We also carry out somatic correction of the body (necessary for diabetes and a number of other diseases).
  6. Next is the orthopedic stage of implants procedure.
  7. After completion of all implants procedures, the patient must undergo preventive examinations, monitoring. This is the last stage, which completely completes the dental implants procedure.

It should be noted that the phasing of the implants procedure does not really increase the time spent on it. The multi-stage implants procedure scheme we use is convenient for both doctors and patients.