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Today, straight white teeth are an integral part of the image of a prosperous person!

The main concern of aesthetic dentistry is to relieve psychological discomfort. Problems related to bad teeth, because of which a person is ashamed to smile once again, are not only psychological problems, but also speech difficulties, facial expressions, diction and, as a result, wrinkles, which are formed if a person constantly covers his teeth with his upper lip. .

What makes a smile beautiful? According to modern dentistry, a perfect smile is defined by three components:

  • Smooth beautiful teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Undamaged red border of the lips, which emphasizes the whiteness of the teeth.

The general concept of “smooth beautiful teeth” means that they have an aesthetic shape, color and transparency.

Restoration – a recovery and correction of aesthetic and functional parameters of the tooth with composite materials directly in the oral cavity. If the filling mainly restores the functional characteristics of the tooth, then the restoration of the lost tooth tissue is filled with a material that mimics dentin and enamel, their transparency and color. Sealing is a medical procedure, while restoration combines elements of medical and artistic work.

The main indication for tooth restoration with light-cured composite materials is the need to correct the aesthetic parameters of the tooth, the presence of caries and non-carious lesions or, more simply, the patient’s desire to heal the tooth, or improve its appearance with a composite in one visit.

Engaged in the restoration or correction of the aesthetic parameters of the tooth, the dentist combines a doctor, artist and sculptor. As a doctor, he must not just heal, but also not harm, as an artist and sculptor, he can create a tooth that you want to put a signature, as did the jewelers.

Modern materials and technologies allow create perfect teeth and beautiful smiles!