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Teeth whitening in the doctor’s office is a professional procedure performed in a dental clinic with the help of specialized equipment. As a rule, one or two procedures, which last on average about an hour, are enough. The effect of professional teeth whitening lasts much longer than from home methods – for 3-5 years. Currently, such procedures are becoming more and more popular due to their simplicity for the patient, the lack of need for daily use of caps, and most importantly – long-term preservation of the result.

Intracanal whitening is most often used when the patient has undergone incorrect endodontic treatment and the tooth has changed color. In this case, a whitening gel is injected into a specially formed cavity inside the tooth, after which a temporary filling is installed. After one to two weeks, the doctor removes the bleach and puts a permanent sealant. The procedure of intracanal whitening is absolutely painless and very effective after a course consisting of 1-3 visits, the result is stored for a long time.