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Microscopic Dentistry: Indications And Features

The dental microscope ensures the thoroughness of all procedures. Thanks to the device, the dentist can see even hard-to-reach areas – those that are not visible to the naked eye. The result of blind work without the use of microscopy – inflammatory processes that can even lead to complete loss of the tooth.

Microscopic Dentistry is performed in the following cases:

  • Qualitative diagnostics. With the help of a microscope we can detect pathogenic lesions on the teeth at an early stage, as well as in areas that are not visible without the device.
  • Endodontic treatment. The therapist treats dental canals under a microscope most effectively. Using the equipment you can keep your teeth healthy, eliminate damage in the initial stages. In addition, unsuccessful treatment with the device is excluded.
  • Preparations for orthopedic structures. Before dentures, it is important to properly prepare the oral cavity. The density of adherence of crowns or veneers directly depends on it. Thanks to the microscope, the quality of surface treatment of teeth and gums is ensured. The preparation in this case is more gentle, as it significantly reduces the risk of injury.
  • The entire root canal treatment in advanced forms of caries. The doctor can carry out manipulations carefully as the device provides good visibility. The dental microscope allows to see the microcracks so that the specialist can install the sealant tightly.
  • Removal of old sealants and pins. Using a dental microscope, it is quite simple to remove the working material with minimal risk of injury.
  • Extraction of a foreign body and canal. Due to the negligence of some dentists, there are cases when the remains of instruments remain in the root canal. With a microscope, the fragments are removed quickly and painlessly.

The entire root canal treatment under a microscope is a guarantee of effective performance of dental manipulations. The endodontic dentist will be able to see all the root canals and their branches, so they will all be treated, and tooth decay is prevented.

The Entire Root Canal Treatment Under A Dental Microscope

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry in which the use of modern equipment is of particular importance. Microscopic dentistry gives dentists many opportunities:

  • objective study of the anatomical features of the tooth cavity, entrances to the root canals, determining the exact number of tubules and branches;
  • effective preparation before prosthetics;
  • quality monitoring of the cleanliness of the canal walls;
  • diagnosis of the presence of tool fragments and remnants of working material in the tooth cavity;
  • control of readiness of a cavity of a molar for installation of a sealant.

Using the device, the endodontist has the opportunity to effectively control the cleanliness of the root canals, assess the condition of old fillings, detect hidden chips and cracks, as well as perforation, which must be closed. With a dental microscope it is easier and safer to remove old pins and clean the canal cavity from debris. In addition to the high professionalism and sufficient experience of our dentists, the use of such equipment is the key to effective, safe and reliable treatment.