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Prosthetics on implants are similar to prosthetics on natural teeth. The only support for artificial structures will not be natural teeth, but implants – artificial analogues of tooth roots.

It is possible both fixed and removable dentures. Several implants support removable dentures. With completely absent teeth, this is possible with four to six implants. Such structures are securely fixed in the oral cavity and do not depend on its anatomy.

Fixed dentures – single crowns or “bridges” – are made using cermets and non-metallic biomaterials. It is possible to make bridges between implants and natural teeth, but this is not always indicated. The element to which the denture is attached is called an abutment – it connects the immersed body of the implant and the artificial crown.

In general, the cost of implant prosthodontics consists of the cost of the crown, abutment, transfer and analogue. The latter components are called “Expendable orthopedic parts for implant prosthodontics.” The material of the crown, as well as the technology of its manufacture, can differ significantly.

The work consists of several visits. In general, the cost of crowns on implants is significantly higher than on conventional teeth. Our specialists have an extensive experience in implant prosthodontics.