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Prosthetics With Metal-Ceramic Crowns

Fixed Dentures include: single crowns, a group of interconnected crowns (“bridges”), crowns on artificial roots-implants.

Due to the fact that our clinic has its own laboratory, we can achieve excellent aesthetic results and, importantly, reduce the duration of prosthetics (on average, a metal-ceramic prosthesis for 3 units is made in 5 days).

During the manufacture of dentures you use temporary plastic prosthesis. Much depends on the mass used in the laboratory. We use the German mass “Vita Omega” in which we are 100% sure.

The best metal-ceramic crowns today are crowns on gold-containing alloys. Their effect on the body is minimal, as well as the maximum accuracy of adherence to the natural tissues of the tooth.

Making crowns – author’s work. Qualification and experience of the technique, material and manufacturing technology determine the price, service life and aesthetics of the finished product.

The finest anatomical details are subject to modeling and reproduction. The degree of processing of individual elements determines the function and aesthetics of the tooth.

Prosthetics with full cast crowns are used in the chewing departments. These crowns fully restore the function of the tooth and its appearance, but their metallic luster does not allow them to be used in visible areas of the dentition.

Dental hips are pin structures used in severe destruction of the gingival part of the tooth, when the natural tissues of the tooth crown  are damaged beyond repair and are almost completely removed. The hip is fixed at the root of the tooth and protrudes on its visible surface, creating a kind of support for the cermet crown.

Dental hip is made of various alloys by casting. The main condition for the use of hips – the health of the roots and tissues surrounding the tooth – periodontium. The cost of the hips is determined by the alloy from which it is made, and the complexity of the design. More complex collapsible hips are used in multi-rooted teeth.